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Designing a personal retreat at Cedar Cross

PURPOSE: Setting some time apart may be a wise step for a number of reasons; having a block of time to rest fully can be very restorative. Perhaps you are facing a significant decision around work, relationships, life style, or your spiritual life and desire to discern more clearly God's will. You may have found spending some real time in prayer and meditation resulted in your becoming more centered and focused on what was important. In the crunch of deadlines, having time to reflect and study can turn into a lifeline. Or perhaps you no longer want to make the Fourth Commandment optional for your life.

TIME FRAME: Sometimes, all you feel that you can carve out is a half-day, normally based in the Garden Loft. Perhaps the need is to do 1-3 days, which works well at Heron's Nest or WoodSong. A few people have participated in a 7 day guided retreat with a personalized format.

SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE: A summary of spiritual guidance with John is available here. Margaret offers guidance using art materials to awaken one's creativity, and draw insights from the right side of the brain.

RHYTHM OF ONE'S DAYS: Our lives often become unbalanced with busyness, to the exclusion of those things for which one has passion. We invite you to enter the rhythm of Cedar Cross. Begin your day with morning prayer, eat healthy foods, enjoy being out in nature, and play with some art materials. Set aside good blocks of time for rest, prayer, reflection and reading. Do some physical work where you can see the results of your efforts.

If you are unsure as to how you might structure your time, our booklet - "Designing Your Own Retreat" - is available. Simple, practical guidelines are offered to shape this time and space in life-giving ways. You may discover changes that you want to incorporate into your daily life that would allow you to be more centered and enjoy the flow of life more.

MEALS: Normally, you prepare your own meals.

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Updated: September 2018