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An Introduction to Spiritual Guidance

Practiced throughout Christian history, spiritual guidance is offered to those seeking to develop their spiritual lives more fully. More commonly referred to as spiritual direction, spiritual guidance explicitly indicates that the Holy Spirit is the director, and a spiritual guide suggests and provides resources for nurturing the journey. While spiritual guidance is less problem-solving-oriented than therapy, both practices can easily complement each other.

Starting commonly after one has reached the mid-30's, the deeper questions tend to arise. These can include:

  • Where can I find meaningful work to do?
  • Where is a source of security that will not disappear in a divorce, downsizing, illness, decline in the stock market, or loss of someone important?
  • Is there some form of community that is willing to provide support for the journey?
  • What can I really expect to happen when I pray, and how can I pray?
  • What is my core identity?
  • How can I create a more balanced life between work, play, rest and worship?
  • Where can I serve others in ways that will use my energized gifts rather than say yes to needs that drain me?

Spiritual guidance focuses more in the present and the options that are realistically available. Significant benefit can be gained by exploring aspects in one's past such as early images of God, when prayer seemed to work, and experiences with the church. A key challenge is to explore the wide range of spiritual practices and prayer forms available and find a few that will fit one's personality, stage in life, and experience with a faith tradition. These might include: guided meditations; journaling, repeated sentence prayer, daily devotions, chants, music, artistic expression, praying Scripture, walking in nature, centering, and discernment. The primary focus is on one's relationship with God.

Margaret invites people to approach their spiritual journeys through simple art exercises using concepts, Scripture or questions from the seeker after careful listening and shared conversation. The act of using paint, clay, found objects, or photographs to explore one's response to the Holy can be revealing as well as freeing. Absolutely no prior art experience is needed to engage fully in this art-prayer discernment process.

Most commonly, meetings with a spiritual guide are once a month for about an hour. A payment of your pay rate for 2 hours of work is suggested as a way to keep this affordable, with a cap of $100. This covers our prep, session, and followup. For extensive phone or email exchanges, please send an appropriate payment. If a session is canceled within 24 hours of the appointment, a payment is expected. While 1-on-1 is the most common format, group spiritual guidance is available.

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Updated: November 2015