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    Cedar Cross Retreat Center

    offering hospitality to those seeking prayer, rest and renewal
    in a setting of natural beauty and simplicity

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    Who We Are

    Covenant Community Church operates its retreat center through the Cedar Cross Mission Group.  We are a small ecumenical church offering an experiential form of worship that invites lively participation by all. We worship on Sundays from 5 - 7 PM in Raleigh at the Community United Church of Christ (corner of Wade Avenue and Dixie Trail).

    The residential community at Cedar Cross seeks to experience community more deeply and to live more interdependently.  The mission group meets monthly at the retreat center for a day of work, prayer, play, planning and being with friends.

    Retreat Coordinators and primary caretakers of the facility are John and Margaret Hilpert.


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    Updated: October 27, 2010