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Cedar Cross Retreat Center

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Who We Are

Covenant Community Church supports this retreat center through the Cedar Cross Mission Group.  We are a small ecumenical church offering a participatory form of worship that invites lively involvement by all members. We worship Sunday afternoons in Raleigh at the Community United Church of Christ (corner of Wade Avenue and Dixie Trail).

The mission group, which is a subset of the Covenant Community membership, meets monthly at the retreat center for a day of work, prayer, play, planning and being with friends.

The founders of Cedar Cross of the facility are John and Margaret Hilpert. After many years of faithful stewardship, they have moved on to a new phase, turning over the primary retreat coordinator role to Jimmy Allen. John and Margaret still live on the property, but have moved from the main Lodge to the Woodsong cottage.

As a spiritual guide, John offers help with spiritual disciplines, and discernment around vocation or ministry. Otherwise he is off in the wood maintaining trails, creating reflective spaces, cooking, cleaning or doing laundry. When he can't find another excuse, he writes short stories and non-fiction.

Margaret offers guidance through faciltating creative expression, inviting people to approach their spiritual journeys through simple art exercises. Absolutely no prior art experience is needed to engage fully in this gentle art-prayer-discernment process.


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Updated: September 2018